Monday, June 24, 2013

Not What You Would Like to Hear.

Several of you have been asking about my job prospects.  I have applied to locations in Florida and interviewed there almost 2 weeks ago, hopefully I will hear something soon.  I have also applied to multiple locations in Wisconsin. I know I said I didn't want to be back here but things have changed and my perspectives are broadening.  No, I don't really have anything else to update you with.  Honestly, I can't figure out why I'm posting this. Yes, I understand that people want to be "in the know" with what's going on with me but that doesn't mean that I want the whole world to know about what I'm up to.  Yes, there are some people who I think should be able to know what new prospects I have for my future but I don't think everyone is entitled to that.  Therefore, it would be my guess that you will not be getting updates as much as you'd like.  

I'm trying to figure out how to attach my Alaska blog to this one but I haven't quite figured that out yet. For now, here's the link. -----

Enjoy your day.

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