Sunday, August 11, 2013


Dear Readers,

I know that some of you have been long time readers/followers.  Due to this, I thought I would update you all on what has been going on.

Where shall I start?  I got up this morning, did some cleaning, did some crafts, took a shower and am now waiting for the bathroom to be free again so I can get my hair-goo so my hair doesn't turn into a twister.  When that finally happens, I'm going to...What?  That's not what you wanted to hear about?  Job?  What job?  Just let me keep going.  Anyway, so after my hair is goo'd and I'm ready for the day, I'm headed to the cities, IKEA more precisely.  I'm going to get stuff for my new apartment/townhouse...thinger that I know I don't have yet but I'm planning on viewing tomorrow.  No matter which place I end up liking I will need the basic things to fill and decorate with.  You know what I mean, a shower curtain, bathroom shelf, things like that.

Huh?  Why am I moving?  Because this one night, at Band Camp, I was talking to this guy on the phone and he was telling me that where I live now is haunted and it made me scared.  So I'm moving to Black River Falls.  Okay, since we all know that is not really the case, here's the real story.  I was busy calling different school districts to find out when applications would be reviewed and interviews would be taking place.  I was on the phone with a school about an hour northeast of the twin cities, then 'beep-beep' I had an incoming call.  I was finished asking questions about the Pre-K position northeast of the cites so I switched to the other call.  It happened to be the principal at a school I had previously interviewed for.  Long story short, he offered me the job!!!!!!  NO!  I did not turn it down, I will be a 1st Grade Teacher in Black River Falls!!!!!  It is soon to be determined if I will be team-teaching or not. It would interesting to do so and it would present yet another new challenge, but yes, I'm up for it!

So, I've been working on preparing stuff for my classroom no matter what the teaching (team-teach, or not) situation would be.  Other than that, I'm just pumped to view places to live tomorrow and find stuff to fill my new place with today!  You know I will, considering the last few times I've been to IKEA I have had to stop myself from getting things I didn't know when I'd use or if I'd be able to, ever, but now I can enjoy the shopping trip even more!!!!

Much Love,

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