Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quarter 1

End of Quarter 1:

I planned on giving everyone updates once a quarter, like report cards.  I've learned however, you readers are just like most parents and would prefer updates much more often than that.

School is going well.  My class is made up of 15 boys and 8 girls.  Overall, my class is wonderful.  I have the typical 1st grade behaviors as well as a few that usually don't take place to as much extent until closer to 5th grade.  I guess that just means we have room for improvements, right?  It's almost Thanksgiving break already!  It's amazing how fast time goes by.  I didn't have to throw any clocks, but one would think I had thrown all of those I own.

I'm setting into BRF quite nicely.  I like my apartment and everything has it's place.  I still need to work on the cleanliness factor but I've got time :)  I'm still loving IKEA to fill my place with things that I probably don't need.  I've also gotten back into sewing.  I am thinking a new sewing machine for Christmas would be good though, hint hint, wink wink, Momma!

Not only am I settling in, but so is Sally!!! She loves her new home and is thrilled that she's the only critter roaming the floors.  Lately, she's even been eyeing up the walls, as long as she isn't making friends with the spiders, I don't mind.  She has found her favorite spot to sit.  It's underneath my bungee chair in my bedroom.  I'm not sure what's so great about that spot but I know that it has to do with the chair.  If I move the chair, her spot moves too.

I currently feel as though my writing is like a 1st graders so I'm going to call it quits early.

-i hv bin reding so mch frst grad riting latle i can tip it.-
(I have been reading so much first grade writing lately, I can type it.)

Lauren Lou Lemon

P.S. My name relates to an activity from Guidance the book Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon.

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